New North Shore Bakery? Yes please!

New North Shore Bakery? Yes please!
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THE DISH: Bjornbar Bakery raising the dessert bar

Chris Dagenais | Contributing writer

Chef and owner Tamera Clark’s Bjornbar is a welcome addition to Edgemont Village.

The stylish new bakery boasts some delicious and unique treats and the room is elegantly designed, emanating both sophistication and warmth. Bjornbar also boasts something rare in this city: a rooftop patio. Accessed via elevator, the semi-circular patio affords a bird’s-eye view of the bustling village below; an umbrella-equipped patio table there is sure to be a coveted spot this summer.

I would like to register my displeasure about one thing, however, and that is the distracting smell of baked confections that emanates from this space in the early morning hours. I sometimes run through Edgemont Village before work and have found recently that the aromas of caramelized sugar and fresh, hot pastry take me out of my game a bit, prompting me to consider forfeiting the inevitable climbs ahead in favour of a strong shot of espresso and a Brulee Bar, possibly my new favourite treat in the neighbourhood.

My wife DJ and I descended on the new bakery with our sleeping baby in tow one recent weekday afternoon and picked up a selection of goodies to sample in the name of research and thorough reporting (it’s a tough life, I know, but please don’t pity me). We headed up to the roof (nearly empty, despite the teeming crowd down in the shop) to tuck into the treats.

As the name suggests, Bjornbar bakes a number of things, though certainly not all, in bar form. More accurately, I’d say they bake a lot of squares, a fitting shape for goods of such precise and considered symmetry of flavour and texture.

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