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Letting you enjoy your time away….

VACANCY PERMITS are a surprise most people don’t think about! They are usually required for any extended absence and even then ‘water damage’ may not be covered. Please check with your insurer for details about this coverage.

are often required if you have a vacancy permit. Some companies insist someone inspects the home every 72 hours, others daily! These vacancy period often happen between tenancies, a sale of the property, or prolonged vacation.

, NEWSPAPERS, PACKAGES can be picked up, disposed of, or redirected as per your instruction. This is often a key sign a home is vacant so it is essential arrangements are made.

can be turned on and off, drapes drawn and opened on an irregular schedule. All this contributing to a feel of activity on the property.

need to be spotted quickly when a home is unoccupied. Mander Group has the experience to spot potential issues and react with qualified trades people if necessary. We are lucky enough to have a core group of companies that we have worked with for years and respond quickly to any type of emergency.

is unfortunately always a concern. While we are confident this service helps minimize that risk, should there be any signs of this type of activity, we will notice and report it immediately!

and we are happy to keep in touch with you or your insurance company. All long distance charges are included in our fees.

Fees dependent on frequency of visits; please inquire.