Placement of Tenant

Selecting and securing the best tenant in the market
place comes from volumes of experience.

FINDING the best tenant involves commitment and focus.

high volumes of tenant inquiries and our ability to pre-qualify those interested is a talent. As experienced property managers, we move quickly to narrow the prospective tenant pool and eliminate vacancies.

is what rents homes. Mander Group believes in showcasing your property to the widest range of potential tenants. Our inquiries are a result of: corporate national exposure, having a local Northshore office, community referrals, a successful webpage, weekly advertising in the North Shore News, consistent Craigslist postings, longstanding relationships with relocation companies, realtor contacts, and our vast tenant portfolio.

the correct tenant to a landlord involves keeping landlords informed of all offers and, with some guidance, allowing the landlord to choose their own tenant.

an application means collecting identification, checking references, completing credit checks, confirming job contracts and providing anything else that ensures a landlord feels comfortable with the credentials and covenant of a tenant.

a file involves a signed tenancy agreement and attached addendum of ‘custom clauses’ derived from volumes of transactions. In addition, a Property Condition Report is completed along with a large file property pictures taken to document the turnover and walk-through. We require a copy of the tenant’s insurance to put on file, ensure bylaws are acknowledged and any necessary Form K sent to the Strata. Postdated checks are also collected on the landlord’s behalf and any additional move in arrangements made.


For up to and including a one-year lease: one-half of first month’s rent plus GST.
Classified advertising is at an owner’s expense.