Why Mander?

When you work where you live, promoting your neighborhood is effortless. Our team at Mander Group truly believes in the North Shore and the lifestyle it encourages. We know our success is directly linked by our ability to convey this excitement to potential tenants and to create relationships with owners who feel the same way.

Once a well-kept secret in the rental business, we have become the ‘go to’ rental company on the North Shore and are focused on providing one of the most attractive rental portfolios from Deep Cove to Furry Creek. We proudly offer the utmost in professional integrity, personal service, innovative and effective property marketing. This approach coupled with an extensive client base and our strong reputation of cooperation with Realtors and Relocation Consultants has helped us continually secure the highest quality of tenant for our landlords.

We believe firmly in putting ourselves in your shoes, so whether you are new to Vancouver, making a local move, or needing management of your investment property, we treat every client with paramount importance.

All of our staff has been selected for their experience and knowledge of neighborhoods as well as their genuine empathy for the well being of families undergoing transition. We understand there is an end goal and are excited to help you achieve it.

It is this attitude that allowed our team to reach top award levels year after year. At Mander Group, it’s our goal to provide not just a quality product but also an unparalleled level of service unique to the Mander name. We are absolutely sold on our own back yard and want you to love the North Shore too!